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Audi S1 S1 TFSI Quattro Competition 3dr Hatchback +24
Audi S1 £16,190
S1 TFSI Quattro Competition 3dr



39.8 mpg

Tax: £180

Mileage: 42,000


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Why buy a used Audi S1 with Exchange and Mart?

The smallest of Audi's S-cars from the 2013-2018 period was the desirable little S1, a premium priced supermini shopping rocket that offered a concentrated dose of quattro. There's more to this model than just all-wheel drive traction too. Other features unique amongst really compact hot hatches include adaptive damping and a properly potent 231PS output, enough to power you to 62mph in under 6s. In other words, though certainly an S1 may be small, it's definitely made of the right stuff.

About the Audi S1

Before dismissing the Audi S1 as an expensive indulgence, ask yourself this. How much space do you really need in your hot hatch? Yes, for similar money, you could buy a slightly larger car of this kind from this era, something from the next size up like a Golf GTI, a Megane Renaultsport, an Astra VXR or a Focus ST. The question is whether you really need to. Typical buyers, after all, don't usually choose their shopping rockets prioritising rear seat room or boot capacity. So, what if you could trade a little of that and get something far more useful in return: all-weather traction. Plus, if as well, you could get a little more speed - and residuals offering a lower set of running costs - you'd be all set. Such is the appeal of this S1. It's not perfect of course. On a dry road, some larger or less powerful models in this segment might feel a little more involving - and maybe they'd be better track day tools too. It's also hard to ignore the fact that in buying this car, you'll probably be paying around 20% more than you would be for a comparably-sized Fiesta or Clio-class GTi. In return though, you're getting something quite special: a proper quattro-driven Audi S-car that can hit 155mph and get to 62mph in less than six seconds, yet will nevertheless better 40mpg and emit just 165g/km (NEDC figures). That kind of formula at this kind of price just wouldn't have been possible a few years ago. Now, it could be sitting in your driveway. Small, but almost perfectly formed.

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