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Retail price £24,490 Finance from £559 per month
Audi S6 Saloon +19

Year 2015

Transmission Automatic

Mileage 36,997

Fuel type Petrol

Engine size 3993

Retail price £31,200 Finance from £719 per month

Year 2018

Transmission Automatic

Mileage 11,209

Fuel type Petrol

Engine size 3.993

Retail price £69,991
Audi S6 Avant +25


Transmission Automatic

Mileage 15

Fuel type Diesel

Engine size 2967

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Why buy a used Audi S6 with Exchange and Mart?

The recipe for the 'Type 4G' fourth generation Audi S6 is a tempting one. A potent Bentley-borrowed 420PS twin-turbo V8, quattro 4WD, state-of-the-art handling trickery and beautiful build quality. All wrapped up in the kind of motorsport knowhow that executive sports saloon rivals usually restrict to their pricier models. The kind of car that Audi does very well indeed.

About the Audi S6

It's tempting to dismiss this fourth generation 'Type 4G' S6 model on a number of grounds. For Audi owners, it's not as agile as an S4 that would save you plenty. And it's not as fast as the kind of RS6 from this era that wouldn't cost that much more. And that's before you even start to think about the talented opposition. But as soon as you do, you begin to realise that within its little market niche, this car is something quite special. All its rivals are merely ordinary executive saloons with big petrol engines - there's no bespoke motorsport development. In other words, you can't have a proper M-powered BMW or AMG-developed Mercedes of this size for this kind of money. But you can have a fully-fledged S series Audi, purpose-designed by the performance specialists at quattro gmbh. And therein lies the appeal of this S6. Within its little segment, it's the genuine article. It's also a very clever car indeed. Nearly 30 to the gallon from a car that, de-restricted, would reach 190mph? That's Active Cylinder Technology for you, technology that rivals currently can't match. But efficiency doesn't sell cars of this kind. No, you'll buy this S6 because of the way it makes you feel. So what if an RS6 is faster? Or an M5 or an E63 come to that. Who cares if a BMW 550i or a Jaguar XFR are more overtly driver-orientated? This, in contrast, is the stealth bomber of the executive segment, the car that creeps in under the radar. In its era, it was the only one in its sector with 4WD. And the only one with Audi's S-inspired ring of confidence. Four rings in fact.

Representative finance example

If your borrow amount is £7,000 with a deposit of £1,000, a selected term of 48 months, at a representative APR of 14.9% (fixed) and an annual fixed rate of interest of 14.9%, you would pay £163.87 per month. Total charge for credit will be £1,865.76 and total amount repayable is £7,865.76