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Audi Quattro 2.1 UR QUATTRO  Coupe 1985, 130000 mi
Audi Quattro £49,995



Tax: £280

Mileage: 130,000


Audi Quattro Other 2015, £16995
Audi Quattro £16,995



Mileage: Unknown


Audi Quattro 230BHP, 4WD Hatchback 2016, 38060 mil +9
Audi Quattro £16,495
230BHP, 4WD



Mileage: 38,060


Showing 3 matches

Why buy a used Audi Quattro with Exchange and Mart?

At the turn of the eighties, Audi was just another German manufacturer turning out worthy, but slightly dull family cars. The Quattro turned Audi around, giving it an enviable reputation for progressive thinking and high quality. It also revolutionised world rallying and rewrote the rulebooks on how cars should stick to the road. Alongside the Mini, the Audi Quattro is probably the most significant car of the post-war era. Why? The Quattro was the car that took four-wheel drive out of off-roaders and put it in a sports coupe. Automotive historians may well note that Audi weren't the first to do this, being beaten to the punch some years earlier by Jensen's revolutionary FF. The Quattro capitalised on its appeal by dominating world rallying, filtering its technology down into more prosaic cars in the Audi range and spawning countless copycat editions. It's only thanks to the Audi Quattro that we now have the Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, Nissan Skyline, Porsche 911 turbo and Lamborghini Diablo - all equipped with four-wheel drive. 'Legend' is a hackneyed expression, but if any car deserves this title, it's the Audi Quattro.

About the Audi Quattro

A legend. The Quattro does everything you expect it to with a depth of character unmatched by more contemporary offerings. Buy with caution and remember that a Quattro isn't really the weapon of choice if you're after budget performance as running costs are high.

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