Used Citroen Saxo Cars in Scotland

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Citroen Saxo 1.1i SX 1124cc +21
Citroen Saxo £1,995
1.1i SX 1124cc



43.5 mpg

Tax: £200

Mileage: 56,000


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Why buy a used Citroen Saxo with Exchange and Mart?

Citroen decided to take a more conservative route in designing the Saxo - as indeed they were forced to do, given that the car had to be based largely on Peugeot's 106. For British buyers, the Saxo emerged as probably the better bet. It shared all the little Peugeot supermini's virtues - fine handling, good performance and strong packaging - but was generally better equipped. The same holds true on the used market. Here, the Saxo is a far more reliable bet than its AX predecessor.

About the Citroen Saxo

The Saxo may not have been as interesting a Citroen as the purists would have liked, but the simple mechanicals and reliability make it a lot more interesting to the used car buyer. As a Peugeot 106 with more equipment for no more money, it makes a lot of sense.

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