Used Mitsubishi Lancer Cars in Scotland

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Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION X GSR SST FQ300-OUTSTA +40
Finance from £962 per month



26.2 mpg

Tax: £695

Mileage: 6,927


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Why buy a used Mitsubishi Lancer with Exchange and Mart?

Car manufacturers often talk of the 'halo effect' of a flagship model. In short, it's spreading the glamour of a well-renowned car onto lesser lights in the range. There are any number of BMW 3 Series drivers who have fantasised about owning an M3 and when this marketing tactic is pursued well it can prove profitable. For a case study in the halo effect falling rather flat on its face, look no further than the Mitsubishi Lancer. To many, the Lancer is the Lancer Evo, the all-wheel drive, turbocharged rally replica that comes laced with a heavy dose of Tommi Makinen forest stage heroics or Police, Camera, Action starring roles, depending on your viewpoint. The Evo didn't create a halo effect. It was so incandescent it cast the rest of the ordinary Lancer range into the darkest shadow. All of which was a bit of a shame as by the time this generation Lancer appeared in British showrooms in 2008, it had developed into a more than respectable car; certainly something that was a bit more interesting than the usual Astra/Focus/Megane norm. Here's what to look for if you fancy giving it a second chance, second time round.

About the Mitsubishi Lancer

The Mitsubishi Lancer earns its spurs as a used car because of its peerless reliability. How do you put a price on that? The 2.0-litre diesels are a great pick and the practical Sportback bodystyle still looks great. The 240PS Ralliart sports version is an interesting niche model that flies under the hot hatch radar and makes a great left-field alternative to something like a Focus ST. In all, the Lancer earns a solid recommendation. It may not have done the business for Mitsubishi as a new car but as a used one, it could well work for you.

Representative finance example

If your borrow amount is £7,000 with a deposit of £1,000, a selected term of 48 months, at a representative APR of 17.9% (fixed) and an annual fixed interest rate of 17.9%, you would pay £171.83 per month. Total charge for credit would be £2,247.84 and total amount repayable is £8,247.84.