Used Volkswagen Bora Cars in Scotland

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Volkswagen Bora a 2.0 SE 4d 114 BHP Saloon 2000, 6
Volkswagen Bora £2,495
a 2.0 SE 4d 114 BHP



31.0 mpg

Tax: £325

Mileage: 65,000


Volkswagen Bora a 1.6 16V SE 4dr Saloon 2004, 3843
Volkswagen Bora £3,000
a 1.6 16V SE 4dr



40.9 mpg

Tax: £290

Mileage: 38,433


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Why buy a used Volkswagen Bora with Exchange and Mart?

Americans and Europeans rarely see eye to eye on matters of automotive taste. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the comparative sales of Volkswagen Boras and Golfs. The Yanks can't get enough of the booted Bora, outselling the hatchback Golf three to one, yet over here the trickle of Boras leaving Volkswagen showrooms is engulfed by the tidal wave of Golf variants. So much for the cultural discourse, but how does this impact on the used buyer? It basically means that if you've no objection to having a boot, a used Bora will be in less demand than the equivalent Golf. Therefore, it will be cheaper, enabling you to save significant sums whilst still benefiting from the Volkswagen ownership package that has proved so successful of late. A Volkswagen for Ford money? That's about the size of it.

About the Volkswagen Bora

The Volkswagen Bora is an informed choice for anybody looking for quality, value and effortless style. Whilst it may offer more attractive used pricing than an equivalent Golf, it certainly couldn't be labelled cheap but if you're going to buy one try to aim for the 115bhp diesel or the five or six cylinder models. The only customers likely to be disappointed by the Bora are those expecting a wildly entertaining drive. Whilst the specs may look promising, the Bora is just a trifle dull on the road. Still, you can't have everything. Can you?

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