Used Vauxhall Combo Cars in Scotland

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Vauxhall Combo Life 5dr 1.2i 110ps Energy 7st Spot +33
Vauxhall Combo £13,695
Life 5dr 1.2i 110ps Energy 7st Spoticar - 1 year warranty
Finance from £347 per month



42.2 mpg

Tax: £180

Mileage: 34,974


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Why buy a used Vauxhall Combo with Exchange and Mart?

Identity. We all have it. But certain vehicles often don't, particularly if they're vans designed on a shared platform. One such is the Vauxhall Combo, which over the years has been based around first General Motors, then Fiat engineering, but which since 2019 has shared almost everything with the Peugeot and Citroen vans it primarily competes against, as well as models from Fiat and Toyota. In designing the original version of this current fourth generation Combo, Vauxhall was allowed very little latitude in giving this LCV its own distinct look - but that changed in late 2023 as part of the update that created the version of it we're going to examine here. Which is just as well because the other changes made are the same as you'll find in the other four van models that share this one's design - the Peugeot Partner, the Citroen Berlingo, the Fiat Doblo and the Toyota Proace City. Namely improved cabin infotainment and a longer range for the electric version. Let's take a closer look.

About the Vauxhall Combo

Vauxhall builds more vans in Britain than anyone else. More importantly, it sells more vans in Britain than anyone else. But that position in the market can't be maintained unless the brand is properly represented in the compact LCV segment. The fourth generation Combo needed an update and this one has given it a fresh lease of life. The looks are a bit more striking, the cabin feels more modern and the electric version now goes a bit further. Otherwise though, is pretty much as you were, which means the only reason to choose a Combo over its mechanically-identical Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat and Toyota cousins lies with pricing and dealer service. Vauxhall's extensive franchise network should help here and if that and a sharp deal swing your preference this Combo's way, you'll find it appropriately practical and commercially efficient. It's still not perhaps the most interesting compact van you could choose, but it might now be the one you actually need.

Representative finance example

If your borrow amount is £7,000 with a deposit of £1,000, a selected term of 48 months, at a representative APR of 17.9% (fixed) and an annual fixed interest rate of 17.9%, you would pay £171.83 per month. Total charge for credit would be £2,247.84 and total amount repayable is £8,247.84.