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Alfa Romeo 4C 1.75 TBi 2dr TCT Coupe 2017, 18216 m +24
Alfa Romeo 4C £49,749
1.75 TBi 2dr TCT



41.5 mpg

Tax: £180

Mileage: 18,216


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Why buy a used Alfa Romeo 4C with Exchange and Mart?

A rear-wheel drive, mid-engined sportscar based around a lightweight carbon fibre chassis? That'll be a McLaren or a Lamborghini, right? Not in this case. Alfa Romeo has long been a brand of unfulfilled promise. With the 4C, it got itself right back on track.

About the Alfa Romeo 4C

Whether you're talking cars or creatures, evolution isn't a smooth process but it's punctuated by landmarks that redefine the process. If we apply that to sportscars, these step changes are models that have re-set market standards, designs like Lotus' Elise, Nissan's GTR and Porsche's 911. To this exclusive club, we can add another member, this Alfa Romeo 4C. Why? Because it changes the way that affordable sportscars can be built, with carbonfibre underpinnings previously restricted to exotic McLarens, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, yet here available for less than you'd pay for an entry-level Porsche Cayman of similar vintage that's had a few options thrown at it. And it's a true driver's car, more extreme in its execution than most of us expected. It's as if Alfa gave vent to years of frustration at being fobbed off with front-wheel drive Fiat platforms and decided to imbue this machine with everything they had. The very fact that here, we finally got a mid-engined rear-wheel drive Alfa Romeo is enough to get the pulses racing. And it looks fantastic. This car is nowhere near perfect of course: Alfas never were. Parts of the interior don't quite match the required price tag and some of the finer points of its dynamics aren't as polished as you'd get in a Lotus product. The exciting, immersive driving experience can also be wearing at length - but that's the way it should be in a car like this. It should be an event every time you fire it up. You ought to be unable to walk away without turning your head to look for a final time and small kids should want to be photographed with it. This isn't a Lotus Exige or a Porsche Cayman. It's something altogether more exotic. It's the Alfa we'd hoped and prayed for for thirty years. It doesn't disappoint.

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