Used McLaren 540C Cars in Scotland

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McLaren 540C V8 2dr SSG Auto Coupe 2017, 15032 mil +24
McLaren 540C £79,900
V8 2dr SSG Auto



26.4 mpg

Tax: £675

Mileage: 15,032


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Why buy a used McLaren 540C with Exchange and Mart?

The 540C, introduced in 2015, is about as close to an affordable modern-era McLaren as you're likely to get. When new, it was targeted at people who'd normally be looking at cars like top Porsche 911 Turbos and Audi R8s. When used, much the same applies.

About the McLaren 540C

We don't really understand why the 540C was so unloved - or why McLaren never sold it in the US. It was part of an experiment by the Woking brand to reach down into the market for lesser supercars like base Audi R8s and Porsche 911s. You'd have to say that the experiment didn't really work, based on the sales numbers achieved. But that's all good for the used customer, who can rest assured that they're getting everything meaningful here from a McLaren 570S for considerably less money. For the kind of cash that'd get you less exotic supercar fare, the 540C will make you feel like a lottery winner. Buy carefully though.

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