Used Maserati 3200 Cars in Scotland

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Maserati 3200 GT Coupe 2001, 39000 miles, £15950 +7
Maserati 3200 £15,950



17.1 mpg

Tax: £360

Mileage: 39,000


Maserati 3200 GT 3.2 Other 2000, 66028 miles, £109
Maserati 3200 £10,995
GT 3.2



15.7 mpg

Tax: £280

Mileage: 66,028


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Why buy a used Maserati 3200GT with Exchange and Mart?

Buying a used Maserati was traditionally viewed as an activity which, on a scale of financial risk, was about on par with ploughing all your cash into Millennium Dome tickets hoping to be the king of all touts. Lining themselves up for a merciless financial battering isn't what most used car buyers have in mind when trying to make an informed choice, and Maseratis have changed to reflect this. With the 3200GT, Maserati has at last built a car which stands objective comparison with the best cars in its class, new or used, and has a charisma that none can match.

About the Maserati 3200GT

On any but the 2001 model year Maserati 3200GTs it is difficult to objectively recommend one over a Jaguar XKR or Porsche 911. Wonderful in some areas and frustratingly flawed in others, the Maserati is exasperatingly close to touching brilliance. What is without question is that the 3200GT is a more charismatic ownership proposition, desirability oozing from every pore. Early automatic cars are a good compromise if you can't stretch to a late car. Pick a good one, learn to accommodate its characteristics and you'll never castigate yourself for choosing the Modena marque. Every time your garage door opens and you're greeted with that trident emblem, anything else seems just that tiny bit mass-market.

Representative finance example

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