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Lamborghini Diablo Other 2023, £2179



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Why buy a used Lamborghini Diablo with Exchange and Mart?

Few believed that Lamborghini could ever top the Countach, the embodiment of eighties excess. Its successor, the Diablo was at the same time softer edged yet harder hitting, and during its twelve year life span exemplified the state of the supercar art. Always outrageous, always looking for more power, Lamborghini knew that as Ferraris became ever more civilised, they were carving a more secure niche for themselves. A used Diablo will require deep pockets, steady resolve and an owner who can live with its foibles. The definitive supercar? When that V12 bellows in anger, it's about as definitive as you'll ever need.

About the Lamborghini Diablo

There's a lot to look out for when buying a used Lamborghini Diablo. The safe way is to go for a warranted car from Lamborghini UK. These will naturally cost more. The Lamborghini Owners Club can help with any technical queries you may have, but when spending the best part of six figures, it's best not to gamble. If you really know what you're looking for, bargains can be had in Europe where left hand drive cars are typically 20% cheaper than UK prices, but since when was buying a Lamborghini Diablo an act of financial sanity? That may be changing, but if you have the means, chances are you will spot one for sale, fall head over heels for it and sign on the dotted line. Good on you.

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