Used Chrysler Delta Cars in Scotland

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Chrysler Delta 1.4 M-Air SE 5dr Hatchback 2012, 61
Chrysler Delta £3,995
1.4 M-Air SE 5dr



49.6 mpg

Tax: £165

Mileage: 61,000


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Why buy a used Chrysler Delta with Exchange and Mart?

In 2011, Chrysler used its Latin links to bring us what was billed as its first truly class-competitive family hatchback. The spacious Delta was a re-badged version of an existing Lancia model, that car based on a Fiat Bravo. A convoluted parentage then, for a family hatch that aimed to offer a premium feel at an affordable price to Focus-class customers in search of something a little different. A rare, but rather interesting choice that makes an interesting used car buy in this market segment - if you can find a good one.

About the Chrysler Delta

Chrysler's compact cars have always been unusual - have always stood out. None though, has had a style quite as unique and innovative as this Delta. With so many family hatchback-class models vying for a share of a shrinking market, any newcomer must have a distinctive appeal. And this car ticks that box. Other unique selling points include its relative exclusivity and class-leading back seat cabin space thanks to a clever sliding seat. You could conceivable downsize into a Delta from something Mondeo-sized in the next class up and notice little different in either rear seat cabin capacity or luggage room. Yes, there are a few budget touches and there are sportier or softer-riding rivals but as an all-round package, you might be pleasantly surprised by this Chrysler if you can find a used example that's been well cared for and is being sold at the right price. There's Latin spirit in every one.

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