Best accessories for keeping your car tidy – all under £20

Do you spend so much time in your car that it feels like a second home? Or does it sit gathering dust all week to be brought to life at the weekend? Either way, it’s easy for our cars to become dumping grounds for old receipts, discarded clothes or even the odd takeaway wrapper.


So, let’s follow in the footsteps of our favourite cleaning heroes Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo and give our cars a good clear out! Plus make sure your car stays not only clean, but tidy, with these top accessories.

Seat organisers

These handy organisers attach to the back of your front seats and are perfect for people travelling with kids. Ideal for storing toys, games, snacks and they even have an attachment for tablets – keeping the kids entertained for the whole journey. Gone are the days of finding toys and old biscuits under the seats!

Seat fillers

Perfect for storing your phone, keys and other items you need within reaching distance and perfect for those drivers who prefer to keep their cup holders for drinks and not as makeshift phone holders! These storage pockets fit neatly within the gaps of your seats and can remove easily for cleaning.

Boot organisers

There’s no doubt that our car boots hold the most mess. Whether it’s car wash kits, reusable shopping bags or work equipment, these clever storage solutions have plenty of space, keep everything organised and easy to find, plus keep the boot clear for other larger items.

Seat hooks

If it’s jackets and bags that you find clutter up your car the most, then these handy hooks could be a great space saver. Perfect for raincoats that are handy to keep in the car for those ‘just in case’ days or hanging school bags – or even dog leads. Plus, they’re really cheap!

Dog seat

As much as we love them, our dogs can be the main cause of mess in our cars so here’s a handy solution for not only keeping the mess contained, but also keeping them safe. These dog seat covers can attach to any seat in the car and come with a detachable seat belt that connects to the dog’s collar or harness. They can be folded down as a seat cover or kept as a basket. Plus, they are easy to transfer from car to car.

Rubbish bin

If your car is slowly morphing into a rubbish bin itself, then this accessory is a must-have for you. It fits easily between the seats and is not only leak-proof but designed to reduce odours. Keep your rubbish contained during long journeys, it can be easily detached for emptying and can be wiped clean.

We found all these items on Amazon, all under £20, but be sure to check other retailers for more deals.

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