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Vauxhall Ampera POSITIV Hatchback 2012, 37000 mile
Vauxhall Ampera £11,495



235.4 mpg

Tax: £0

Mileage: 37,000


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Why buy a used Vauxhall Ampera with Exchange and Mart?

As the second decade of the 21st century dawned, we all thought we understood hybrid power, Prius people's idea of a combustion engine occasionally backed up by electrical assistance. General Motors though, saw the concept rather differently. Shouldn't the battery be the main power source, with an engine there only to recharge it and extend the range when necessary? That'd create an all-electric car you wouldn't have to keep re-charging, an all-electric car almost anyone could consider owning. It'd be a game-changer. The Vauxhall Ampera, like its rarer cousin the Chevrolet Volt, represented that vision made in metal, but its spell on the market between 2012 and 2015 was relatively brief. Does it make a good used buy? Read on to find out.

About the Vauxhall Ampera

However good any electric car claims to be, buying one still requires something of a leap of faith. But such a step will seem easier to take after a drive in this Ampera. Make no mistake: this was - and still is - a revolutionary car. You could quite conceivably run one without ever visiting a fuel station, safe in the knowledge that venturing further afield was always possible thanks to the clever range-extending technology. It might sound like a contradiction in terms to go to the trouble of creating an all-electric car, then stick a petrol engine into it, but the reality makes all kinds of sense - and will continue to do so until battery technology takes a substantial leap forward. This may not be hybrid technology as we know it, but it's certainly hybrid technology in a more sensible form. And for families, this was arguably the first electric car that didn't have to be a second car. True, it could be more involving to drive. But ultimately, this car was a benchmark, a signpost to the future of environmentally friendly motoring. It's worth checking out.

Representative finance example

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