Used TVR Sagaris Cars in Scotland

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TVR Sagaris Coupe 2005, 5519 miles, £75000
TVR Sagaris £75,000



Tax: £360

Mileage: 5,519


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Why buy a used TVR Sagaris with Exchange and Mart?

Apart from the one offs like the Typhon and Speed 12, the Sagaris will probably be remembered as TVR's final flourish, their range topping showcase when the company went for a rather spectacular burton. Buying any used TVR is an activity best entered into with both eyes open, but now that there is no factory support, it's up there with running with the bulls at Pamplona; exciting and life-changing but hugely risky. Existing TVR owners will scoff at the safe option of a Porsche or BMW but a used Sagaris represents an inevitably bigger involvement.

About the TVR Sagaris

Only the hedonistic, the brave, or the intensely calculating will sign up for a used TVR Sagaris. With the withdrawal of factory support, buying a Sagaris is not for the dilettante. As such, this is a tough car to recommend but one that's almost impossible not to feel a strong pang of desire for. Gambling on a three or six month ownership tenure is just so tempting.

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