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TVR Cerbera 4.0 4.0 2d Coupe 1999, 43500 miles, £2
TVR Cerbera £24,950
4.0 4.0 2d



Tax: £325

Mileage: 43,500


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Why buy a used TVR Cerbera with Exchange and Mart?

The Cerbera, more than any other TVR before it, cemented the Blackpool company's place in the big league of performance car manufacturers. Here was a proper 2+2 sports coupe with crushing power, sleek good looks and an affordable price tag. What's more, it also offered a range of engines developed entirely in-house. Few believed that TVR had either the technical acumen or financial muscle to manage this, but with three different TVR-designed engines now residing under the elegant bonnets of the Cerbera range, some quite considerable amounts of humble pie have been eaten. One issue that has dogged the Cerbera has been reliability. Some high-profile cars have spectacularly failed, so what can the general public expect from a used model? Find out here.

About the TVR Cerbera

You need to be brave to drive one and even braver to sign on the dotted line for a used TVR Cerbera. Despite the car's numerous faults, it's still so much cheaper than anything else with an equivalent level of performance that perhaps this can be excused. They say that fortune favours the brave. Good luck.

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