Used Rover Streetwise Cars in Scotland

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Rover Streetwise 1.4 GSi 5dr DELIVERY AVAILABLE Ha +10



38.7 mpg

Tax: £290

Mileage: 101,000


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Why buy a used Rover Streetwise with Exchange and Mart?

It's easy to get a touch superior about the Rover Streetwise. Beneath that macho cladding there's just a common or garden Rover 25 and those who know what goes on in the car industry will point to the fact that this is a car developed on a shoestring budget. Does that really matter? The Streetwise is arguably a good deal better looking than the restrained 25 and appeals to a younger crowd. With its beefy good looks and entertaining road manners, the Streetwise still has a good deal to commend it. As a used buy it stacks up rather well.

About the Rover Streetwise

The Rover Streetwise is cheap, well built and, superficially at least, modern in appeal. The underpinnings may be a little creakier but it's nevertheless an enjoyable car to drive. One of the benefits of a very long development history is that most niggling faults tend to get ironed out. If you want family hatch space for citycar money, the Streetwise is a good looking option. One caveat, however. Don't be offended if some of your friends may not agree.

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