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Lotus Europa Coupe 1970, £26995
Lotus Europa £26,995



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Mileage: Unknown


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Why buy a used Lotus Europa with Exchange and Mart?

On paper it seemed simple. Take the much loved Lotus Elise platform and develop a car that was more comfortable and easier to use on a daily basis. The Elise is a specialist piece of machinery built around the task of lapping race circuits very quickly. There are abattoirs with more creature comforts, so making it more proficient on a trip to the supermarket hardly looked like a challenge for a company with the engineering nous of Lotus. So the Europa was born. By and large, it did what it was supposed to but the response was mixed. On the used market the idea of a softer Elise might hold more appeal.

About the Lotus Europa

Lotus tried to kid the world that the Elise-based Europa was an entirely different proposition to its track-focused progenitor. The car is more practical and more comfortable but only a bit and it's still a good deal more extreme than other two-seater sportscars available for similar money. Think of the Europa as an Elise from the big 'n' tall department and you'll be near the mark. Lotus fans looking for a more grown-up feel and more accessible performance will love it. Buyers seeking an everyday sportscar may find it a little rough round the edges. The best news is that the used market has taken the edge off the Europa's one major flaw, its price.

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