Used Ferrari 456 Cars in Scotland

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Ferrari 456 GTA Coupe 2001, 36000 miles, £59950
Ferrari 456 £59,950



Tax: £360

Mileage: 36,000


Ferrari 456 5.5 GTA 2d 442 BHP Coupe 1997, 37953 m +9
Ferrari 456 £43,998
5.5 GTA 2d 442 BHP



Tax: £280

Mileage: 37,953


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Why buy a used Ferrari 456 with Exchange and Mart?

Amid all of the headlines commanded by newer and more raucous models in the Ferrari range, the 456 has for a number of years now, solidly campaigned as the marque's most expensive model. It would perhaps be wrong to label it the flagship model, because unlike the heady days of the seventies and eighties, it's probably the smaller V8 engined models that now act as the chief sporting and technical showcase for the Maranello concern. The Ferrari 456 has always been more reserved and sophisticated and the understated styling has dated impeccably. A used example costs less than you may expect and comes under the spotlight here.

About the Ferrari 456

If you are tempted by the 456, but aren't sure whether you can justify buying one due to price, then whatever you do, don't go for a test drive. The combination of that lusty V12 engine, minimalist leather and chrome interior and the lines of what many consider to be Pininfarina's finest achievement will seduce you, siren-like onto the rocks of financial ruin. If, on the other hand, you are one of the fortunate few whose bank balance can effortlessly accommodate the not inconsequential demands running a 456 will place on it, then stop reading now, find a 456 and buy it. Regrets? Every time your garage door whirs skywards, you'll wonder how it ever took you so long to buy one. A five star recommendation from the heart, and a charitable two from the head.

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