Used Dodge Journey Cars in Scotland

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Dodge Journey MPV 2009, 33203 miles, £1950
Dodge Journey £1,950



40.4 mpg

Tax: £330

Mileage: 33,203


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Why buy a used Dodge Journey with Exchange and Mart?

It's safe to assume that very few used car buyers beginning their search for a seven-seat MPV will install the Dodge Journey at the top of their list. If they're aware that such a car exists, which is by no means a given, they're unlikely to want to spend time trying to find one amongst the glut of models of similar age and capabilities that are in far more plentiful supply. The Journey is a bit of a rarity but if one turns up, is it an option that family buyers should take seriously?

About the Dodge Journey

There are a lot of ways to transport seven people these days and the Dodge Journey is one of the options that won't occur to too many people. It is a leftfield choice, that's for certain, but it shares its seating system and mechanical layout with the more popular Chrysler Grand Voyager of the same age and the bold styling will help owners stand out at the school gates. It drives well enough, with the diesel engine being slightly raucous though with good pulling power, and although the cabin isn't the last word in quality, there's plenty of kit thrown in. With used prices looking more attractive by the day, there's no reason why the Journey should be passed up on, assuming you can find one in the first place.

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