Used Dodge Avenger Cars in Scotland

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Dodge Avenger -RT Charger 5.7 V8 Saloon 2010, 5450 +5
Dodge Avenger £14,995
-RT Charger 5.7 V8



Mileage: 54,500


Dodge Avenger 2.4 SXT 4dr Auto Saloon 2008, 93000
Dodge Avenger £3,000
2.4 SXT 4dr Auto



31.7 mpg

Tax: £360

Mileage: 93,000


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Why buy a used Dodge Avenger with Exchange and Mart?

* Introduction There are lots of medium range family cars to choose from on the used car market but they are quite similar in many respects. As a prospective buyer, you could easily test drive a Mondeo, a Laguna, an Accord, an Avensis, a C5, a Passat and others only for the various attributes of each to swirl together in your head leaving you none the wiser as to which one you liked best or even how to find your way home. Confusing isn't the word but there is at least one family saloon sure to make a memorable and distinctive impression. Whether that impression is a positive one or not will be key in determining whether you end up owning a Dodge Avenger.

About the Dodge Avenger

If you're fed up with the usual suspects in the medium range market, the Dodge Avenger is a useful antidote. Its aggressive looks set it apart from the identikit crowd and there aren't very many off them about so there's that extra element of exclusivity. On an objective basis, it's a worse car than the mainstream contenders but not so much worse that you shouldn't consider one if you can get the right sort of deal.

Representative finance example

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