Used Citroen C6 Cars in Scotland

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Citroen C6 2.7 EXCLUSIVE V6 HDI AUTOMATIC 4d 202 B
Citroen C6 £8,995



32.5 mpg

Tax: £615

Mileage: 35,000


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Why buy a used Citroen C6 with Exchange and Mart?

The C6 marked a stunning return to form from Citroen. The company had slowly been drifting towards convention, their products becoming increasingly similar to sister company Peugeot's. Then this appeared. Sleek, quirky and sporting a shape that could be nothing but Citroen, the C6 was an instant hit, with magazine reviewers at least. The general public were rather more resistant to the idea of a Citroen that could cost almost £40,000 in top specification and sales weren't huge. Nevertheless as a technology showcase and a halo product to lift Citroen's image, the C6 is a winner. Used buyers are now starting to sniff around the C6, attracted by somebody else taking the initial hit of depreciation and a reputation for solid mechanicals.

About the Citroen C6

All used cars have their period in the sun and the Citroen C6's has, in all truth, yet to come. Give this car a year or two and it'll start to look very interesting, especially in 2.7-litre HDi guise.

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