Used Chevrolet Epica Cars in Scotland

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Chevrolet Epica 2.0 LS Saloon 4d 1993cc +16
Chevrolet Epica £2,250
2.0 LS Saloon 4d 1993cc
Finance from £34 per month



Tax: n/a

Mileage: 80,800


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Why buy a used Chevrolet Epica with Exchange and Mart?

It was always going to be a big ask for Chevrolet. Convincing UK buyers to stump up for a big, rebadged Daewoo saloon looked only marginally easier than coming out the other side of the credit crunch in one piece. Somewhat remarkably, it seems Chevrolet just about squeaked both assignments. Although the Epica was only on sale for less than two years, it wasn't the sales disaster many predicted and used examples are around in meaningful numbers and at very keen prices.

About the Chevrolet Epica

The Epica offers a lot of car for the money. Normally this is journalistic shorthand for saying the thing is a wheeled shed, but in the case of the Epica, you get an honest and not untalented big car at a small car price. No, it's never going to turn heads but then it won't have people scratching their chins and wondering what you were thinking when you signed the dotted line. The handsome but slightly anonymous styling will escape many, but anybody who gets to ride in one can't fail to be impressed by the amount of space inside and the amount of equipment included as standard. It's possible to scalp some real bargains if you're prepared to be patient and negotiate hard, so don't be afraid to go for the jugular when choosing a used Chevrolet Epica.

Representative finance example

If your borrow amount is £7,000 with a deposit of £1,000, a selected term of 48 months, at a representative APR of 15.9% (fixed) and an annual fixed interest rate of 15.9%, you would pay £166.52 per month. Total charge for credit would be £1,992.93 and total amount repayable is £7,992.96.