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Chevrolet Blazer C10 BONANZA HALF TON PICK UP Othe
++ 4.8 STRAIGHT 6 AUTOMATIC + RUNS AND DRIVES ++ UK REGISTERED ++ , Nice old thing in fair condition all round considering its a 44 year old work truck, it runs and drives, changes gears smoothly and

Year 1979

Transmission Automatic

Mileage 132,550

Fuel type Petrol

Engine size 4800

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Why buy a used Chevrolet Blazer with Exchange and Mart?

How we laughed at the Chevrolet Blazer the first time General Motors tried to import it in the late seventies. Huge four-wheel drive vehicles would never catch on, we reckoned. 'Ideal for the profligate, slow-witted American mentality', sneered the motoring press of the time. How things change. You only have to venture out onto the roads of suburban Britain nowadays to encounter a bewildering array of leviathan 4x4s ploughing through the school run or the weekly shop. With fuel prices as they are, they make even less sense than before, but when did logic ever affect popularity? The Blazer's second coming has been a little more successful and it now makes an attractive used buy. Why settle for a Japanese slice of apple pie when the genuine article 'as cooked by the General in Detroit' is right here?

About the Chevrolet Blazer

Throw a bunch of statistics at the Chevrolet Blazer and it makes a remarkably good case for itself. You'd have to pay at least double for a Land Rover product with similar power. Moreover, the biggest and priciest offerings from Mercedes or Jeep can't come close to its luggage carrying capacity. What lets the Blazer down is its nausea-inducing driving characteristics, crippling fuel consumption, and its lack of a third row of seats. If these considerations matter less to you than getting into a Chevy rather than a Mitsubishi or a Daewoo, then a used Blazer could well be right up your street. On a purely objective basis, there are plenty of better vehicles out there, but few that have the same weight of history behind them.

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