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Audi Coupe Coupe 1971, 7900 miles, £23995
Audi Coupe £23,995



Mileage: 7,900


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Why buy a used Audi Coupe with Exchange and Mart?

If ever a manufacturer had set itself a tough task to follow it was Audi. The legendary Quattro Turbo and the Coupe models that basked in its reflected glory had served Audi famously during the eighties, but come the end of the decade were looking both literally and figuratively somewhat square. The models that followed never really took off for the Ingolstadt company, expectations having been cranked up to fever pitch. Despite the fact that the B3 series coupe was something of a disappointment, Audi persevered and refined the model gradually, turning it into 1992's facelifted B4 model, which ran until the end of 1996. As a used buy, the Audi coupe benefits from the lukewarm reception it received. Prices are surprisingly affordable for a car that's well built and well regarded by those in the trade. Except for the rocketship S2 variants, they don't exactly fly, either off the forecourt or up the road, but if you're after a coupe for the longer term, a used Audi makes a sound bet.

About the Audi Coupe

The Audi Coupe won't disappoint if you've got an eye for quality, like the brand image and want something that will still fell well tied down five years along the road. Driving enjoyment and practicality aren't top of the tree, but a well looked after example is a seductive proposition. The shape still looks good, the prices are in the basement and although the Coupe may bask in the reflected glory of the Quattro and TT coupes, it's still got enough of its own appeal to make it an informed used choice.

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