Motability – choosing and adapting your vehicle

Most popular motor manufacturers now offer cars under the Motability scheme, so your local dealerships will be able to offer you advice on the cars they can provide that best suit your needs, or you can discuss how you adapt the vehicle to fit your needs.


If you have access to the internet, the Motability website has a facility that can simplify your search.

Log on to and use the car search function, selecting the appropriate search that matches your requirements. You’ll then be presented with a range of different search fields where you can enter the characteristics of the car that most suits your needs. This produces a list of all the vehicles available through Motability that suit your criteria.

Once you have selected the car that most meets your needs you will next have to find your local dealership. The Motability website can help you here too. Once you know the manufacturer, all you have to do is enter your postcode and the system will provide you with a list of the nearest dealerships and the facilities that they provide for Motability customers. This can include home visits and courtesy cars which can make life so much easier when you are buying a vehicle or having your existing one maintained.

Dealerships that provide home visits and can arrange for their Motability Specialist to bring the car that you’d like to test drive around to your house at a time that is convenient to you. Once you’ve decided on your car, the Motability Specialist will complete the application form with you.

The range of cars available under the Motability scheme will satisfy virtually all requirements as the vast majority of manufacturers now support it whole heartedly. Front runners like Ford have an outstanding range of cars that many Motability customers find favour with. The Ford C-Max is a particular favourite and ideally suited to the needs of a family on the move. Both SEAT and Skoda also offer a range of suitable vehicles with the Altea XL and the Roomster being particular popular choices.

The Motability scheme does not just restrict motorists to the mass market manufacturers. Prestige companies like BMW, Audi and MINI also offer great value for money choices for the Motability customer. So if your budget allows, the world’s your oyster.

There is a lot of help available out there so don’t be afraid to ask your Motability Specialist any questions you may have and remember, they are there specifically to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Adapting your motability vehicle

Once you’ve chosen your vehicle you may need to adapt it to match your physical needs. The Accredited Motability Specialist at your local Motability dealership should be able to provide you with information and assistance on which vehicle would best be suitable.

Most simple adaptations can be easily fitted to any car but you do need to check that the car you choose can be fitted with the controls that you want. Don’t buy a car until you have checked with the adaptation firm that this can be done.

Most manual and automatic cars can be adapted quite easily and all can be fitted with the simpler hand controls for steering, acceleration and braking. The controls which are right for you will be those which you find easiest and most comfortable to use, and which you can use safely.

If you think you may benefit from an adaptation in your new car, Motability’s Managed Adaptations Programme (MMAP) offers a wide variety of options that could make your driving experience more comfortable. The Programme takes away the hassle of organising adaptations by managing the process for you from start to finish.

If you are ordering adaptations through the MMAP at the same time as your car, your dealer will liaise with the adaptations installer and organise the installation and delivery for you. Each installer offers different adaptations through the Scheme. Details and prices are available from the Motability website. Should you wish to contact the installer you can obtain their details from the Accredited Installers List also held on the Motability website.

For wheelchair accessible passenger vehicles, most Accredited Motability dealers should be able to suggest a range of available vehicles which may be potentially suitable based solely on the information provided by you.

There are national networks of Motability accredited suppliers for cars here in the UK and each one has a Motability specialist who you can ask for advice on a mobility solution that will best suit your personal needs. Why not visit some of the dealers near to where you live and look at the manufacturers’ websites or literature? You can also log on to for further information.


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