Demand for used electric and hybrid cars more than doubles in a year, but are you ready to make the switch?

For many, 2020 will be seen as the ‘lost year’ but it also made many grow a greener conscience and saw demand for electric and hybrid cars soar.


Tesla’s Model 3 took the top spot for the bestselling new car in December and Battery Electric Vehicle (BEVs) sales more than tripled in a year, but it wasn’t just the new car market where interest was piqued. Brits searching for used electric and hybrids turned to trusted motoring platform, Exchange and Mart, with searches in the last quarter of 2020 more than doubling compared to the previous year.

Has the desire to go greener started to outweigh concerns over the lack of charging infrastructure?

Well, things have moved on there too. Shell recently announced their plan to open their very first fully electric forecourt in London next year and more Government investment has been announced, making Exchange and Mart optimistic that electric and hybrid vehicles will be just as popular for used car buyers. 

Dawn Sweeney, Managing Director of Exchange and Mart, highlights their plans for helping Brits make the move, “We are seeing really encouraging signs from the new car market with electric and hybrid vehicles sales plus interest on our site for these vehicles increasing, but we feel there is still more we can do to encourage used car buyers to consider making the switch or at least educate them on the benefits. We’ve still got plenty of time before the UK ban on new petrol, diesel and some hybrid vehicles in 2030 but we want to arm the British public with as much knowledge and guidance as possible in preparation and make it easy for used car buyers who also want to invest in greener vehicles.”

“Over the coming months, our consumers will have access to an even better electric cars guide with reviews, articles, and car listings – everything a car buyer needs to know about electric cars. With over 100 plug-in car models available in the UK and 35 due to hit the market this year, there is certainly plenty of choice out there. We hope that by making this a focus for Exchange and Mart we can assist the decision-making process for car buyers considering the switch, but also encourage our trusted dealers to grow their stock to make these types of vehicles more easily available and common place on used forecourts around the UK.”

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