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Search Local And Smart With Exchange And Mart

Search local and smart with Exchange and Mart

You might have already seen and heard our brand-new campaign, Search local and smart with Exchange and Mart, launching across radio, digital, newspapers and social media.

Haven't heard it yet? Have a listen here.

We’re sure you’ll agree it’s pretty bold for Exchange and Mart at 150 years young, but in our anniversary year we thought we would launch a campaign that was bold, funny and a representation of what our brand stands for.

Our radio advert depicts a historic but familiar experience between car buyer and seller. The seller, full of swagger and confidence, trying to bag a sale any way they can but he’s no match for the savvy-buyer we see today.

We aren’t just another online car site, but somewhere that offers great deals from local dealers, whether they are large names or smaller independents. And of course, private sellers.

So how have we managed to stay around in such a competitive industry for so long? By growing and adapting to modern ways, coming away from our much-loved magazine and becoming a fully digital brand in 2009.

When searching for a new car, Exchange and Mart is the smart choice for you, with monthly payments searches, deals local to you and even car alerts straight to you inbox.

So, the next time you’re looking for ABS and not BS, search local and smart with Exchange and Mart.

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