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Rare Aston Martin DB6 to go under the hammer

Auction for a very rare classic Aston Martin

1 Cavalier Gl From 1975

40 years of this popular Vauxhall

Vauxhall celebrates 40th anniversary of the popular Cavalier


Rolls-Royce to pay homage to a rare classic for a new model

Rolls Royce to remake a classic into a new model

Performance Car Show 1

Win Birmingham Motorsport show tickets

Win tickets to Autosport international, Europe's premier pre-season motorsport show.

Tracking 2

Early Senna F1 car goes up for sale at £1 million

Ayrton Sennas Formula one car up for 1 million pounds

984023Current Owner Nick Mead With The Coach

The Iron Lady's battle bus is up for sale

Margaret Thatchers 1980's Election Battle Bus is up for sale

Vw Bulli 1

One of the most recognisable vehicles in the world.

Volkswagen Bulli one of the most recognisable vehicles in the world

The Worlds Rarest Classics

An Endangered Species: The World’s Rarest Classics

Check out the world’s rarest classic cars compiled by Exchange and Mart. A truly unique collection of rare cars. For more, click here.

Rotten Ferrari

Would You Pay £130,000 for "Rotten as a Pear" Ferrari?

Exchange and Mart have looked into the controversial Ferrari Dino hidden away just to be discovered 39 years later. Click to read this interesting story here.

Morris Isis Series 1

Barnsley Man's 1 Year Restoration Programme

Vintage car enthusiast, Graham Wall, has spent the last year restoring a 1955/56 Morris Isis Series 1 – the oldest of its kind in the world

Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen

24 Years of Travel: The World's Longest Road Trip

Although most people only travel for one year, Exchange and Mart have found a man who has been traveling for 24. Click here to see more.

1896 Roberts Electric

Ancient Classics: The World's Oldest Functioning Cars

There are classics and there are relics. Ever wondered what the world’s oldest classics were? Exchange and Mart have found out. Click here to see.

1922 Tilling Stevens Double Decker Bus

Classic Car Collection Sells for £3m

From fire engines to delivery wagons, one man’s classic car collection had it all. Recently, he sold it for £3million. Exchange and Mart take a look.

25 Year Old Mini

The 25 Year Old Mini with Only Thirteen Miles on the Clock

Some owners never drive their classics, but why? Here, Exchange and Mart look at the story of a 25 year old Mini with only 13 miles on the clock

Classic Car Millionaire

£100m Classic Car Collection On Sale

Everyone’s car collection has to start somewhere. Here, Exchange and Mart document one Welshman’s journey from dentist to classic car millionaire.


Muscle Madness: The 5 Most Desirable Muscle Cars

Brash, American and loud, muscle cars are among the most desirable cars on Earth. Here, Exchange and Mart find the top 5. Click here to find out more.

Classic Car Show

5 Classic Car Rallies You Should Attend

Rallies and shows are the perfect places for car enthusiasts to find like-minded people. Here, Exchange and Mart have found 5 of Britain’s best.

James Bond Aston Martin Dbs

Licensed to Thrill: Bond’s 5 Greatest Classic Cars

Bond lovers will spend all day arguing over their favourite Bond car. Here, Exchange and Mart rank Bond’s 5 best. Click here to see the list.

April News Silverstone Classic Car Show

What Are The World’s Best Classic Car Shows

Classic car events have become hugely popular worldwide - and Exchange and Mart have found the world’s best. Click here to find out more.

April News Classic Car Auction In America

Classic Car Countdown: The 5 Most Expensive Ever Sold at Auction

Classic car auctions are amazing places but, have you ever wondered how expensive buying a classic could be? Click here to see the most expensive.

Classic Cars For Sale

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