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Is This The Worlds Youngest Classic Car Owner

Successful Teenage Entrepreneur Becomes Classic Car Owner

At just sixteen years old, Ollie Forsyth is already the owner of two successful businesses, and has a home garage occupied by not one exquisite vintage car, but two - a 1967 Triumph and a 1930 Austin Ulster.






Young Entrepreneur Ollie Forsyth


The Young Entrepreneur


Although he’s not yet old to drive, that hasn’t stopped Ollie from celebrating his youthful success with a pair of vintage motors.


From Towcester, Northamptonshire, Ollie’s entrepreneurial streak was evident from a young age. At just six, the youngster set up a tea stall, and by 13 he’d opened an online fashion shop. Now, at the tender age of 16, he makes £13,000-a-year profit, providing him with the funds he needs to part-own two classic cars with his father, insurance broker Angus Forsyth.


The teenager was driven to succeed after being diagnosed with dyslexia at just 4 years old. Inspired by the example set by Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson, another dyslexia sufferer; Ollie was undeterred by his struggles with his school work, which only prompted him to work harder. He said: “I think without being dyslexic, I wouldn’t have started a business. It’s a huge driving tool that makes people successful.”


Ollie originally turned to business at the age of six, making family members and friends cups of tea for 20p, with a 20p fee for reheating.


At 13, he started selling friendship bracelets at school, which led him to open Ollie’s Shop, an online gift shop selling jewellery and accessories. The shop has since earned him thousands of pounds selling belts, cufflinks, wallets and necklaces for teenager, turning over £5,000 in its first year with a £2,500 profit. As of last year, the business’ turnover had risen to £25,000, with £13,000 of profit.   


Last month, Ollie launched a second enterprise, Charmou, which has so far made around £2,000.


The next step on his list is to complete a business course backed by Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Peter Jones. 


So what’s Ollie’s ultimate goal? “My ethos is, if I can become a millionaire in my 20s and a billionaire before I die, I would be a very happy chap.”


The Classics


It’s not all work and no play for the enterprising teenager. In his spare time, he not only supports several charities through his sales, but also restores classic cars, part-owning two with his father, Angus – whose insurance work involves classic cars – and a third investor who is also a family member.




Triumph GT6


The first car is a 1967 Triumph GT6 Mk1. Designed by Italian Giovanni Michelotti, the Triumph is a neat little coupe that was added to the Spitfire line.  Compact, with a smooth 2.0 litre six Vitesse, its refined GT made it a worthy competitor for its contemporary, the MGB GT. Early models are now highly sought after.





Triumph Spitfire


The 1932 Austin Ulster that keeps it company is one of the most delightful small sports cars of the 1930s. Using a tuned and strengthened engine equipped with gear-driven Cozette ‘blower’, supported by a low chassis and refined front suspension, it was as speedy in its day as it was attractive, with door-less coachwork, sleek lines and a pointed tail.




Austin Ulster


So what’s next for the teenager and his classics? Well, top of the list is to drive them!


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