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Brand Az Of New Releases Pr Edition

Brand A-Z of new releases (P-R edition)

A short rundown of what's new from your favourite brands this year.


Peugeot’s most recent new showroom arrival is the all-new 7-seat 5008 SUV. Last Autumn, the brand also introduced a much improved version of its 308 family hatch, complete with an all-new 1.5-litre BlueHDi engine. In the brand’s SUV range, the 3008 continues to sell strongly and the 2008 line-up has been embellished with a new top ‘Allure Premium’ trim level.

ONE TO WATCH: The revised 308 is a more effective Focus and Golf segment contender.


Porsche has introduced a stylish ‘Sport Turismo’ estate version of its second generation Panamera luxury five-door model. Even more significant for the brand though, is the launch of the all-new third generation version of its Cayenne large luxury SUV. This shares the same ‘MLB evo’ platform used in the Bentley Bentayga and the Audi Q7 but offers sportier handling.

ONE TO WATCH: The Cayenne now features much more appealing styling.


Renault continues its product offensive in 2018. Following last year’s introduction of a revised version of the company’s Captur SUV, there’s now an all-new Megane R.S. hot hatch for dealers to talk about. And an updated version of the ZOE electric car boasting a much longer operating range. Shortly, the company will launch its first pick-up, the Nissan Navara-based Alaskan. And introduce its Alpine sporting brand with the A110 coupe.

ONE TO WATCH: The new Megane R.S. model should consolidate Renault’s strong position in the hot hatch segment.


Rolls-Royce’s big news is the announcement of a new generation version of its top saloon, the Phantom. The company added the Dawn super-luxury convertible model to its range in 2016 and it’s selling strongly amongst the super-wealthy. It’s essentially an open-topped version of the Wraith coupe and shares that model’s engine and styling.

ONE TO WATCH: The new Phantom revives much of the style of a bygone age.

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