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100M Classic Car Collection On Sale

From Dentist to Classic Car Millionaire: Welshman's £100m Collection

A Newport-born multi-millionaire has amassed the largest private vintage car collection in the country – and now it’s about to go on sale. The impressive compendium contains 457 vintage vehicles, including Elton John’s Bentley, a car owned by Winston Churchill and some of the rarest Jaguar models ever in production.


A Secret Treasure Set to Go on Sale




Former dentist turned classic car millionare from Wales


Living History



Hull is hoping to find a buyer for his collection within the UK. The cars have formed a rich part of our heritage and he is reluctant to see them sent overseas. He said: “This is the culmination of a life-long hobby. Each car has its own story and all have played a part in the history of British motoring. It is part of our heritage and, with luck, I will succeed in finding a home that can not only be enjoyed and treasured by the British public but also admired by visitors from across the world.”


Although there has been a large amount of interest from overseas buyers, Mr Hull is also in discussion with five local enterprise partnerships over setting up a permanent exhibition. According to Graham Searle, from the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club: “It’s already bigger than most museums. When you add up the value of some of the individual cars alone, it’s a good deal – if you’ve got a £100 million to spend.”


Priceless Treasures


Amongst the rarest and most desirable cars in Mr Hull’s collection is a Jaguar XKSS, one of only sixteen ever made and a model beloved of fast-living fellow Jaguar enthusiast Steve McQueen.


Like many in Mr Hull’s collection, the vehicle was originally used for racing, before being restored, re-painted and reassembled by a team of mechanics in a painstaking process taking upwards of three years due to the rarity of the parts involved.


The collection also contains a Jaguar XK that was named ‘Champion of Champions’ at the prestigious International Motorshow in Birmingham.


The End of an Era


Mr Hull’s passion for vintage motors was originally inspired by his grandfather’s Jaguar. When the dentist came to amass his fortune through cosmetic dentistry he made it his mission to assemble a “memory-evoking display”.


Now, after thirty-five years of collecting, Mr Hull feels that it’s finally time to hand over the keys, a decision sadly provoked by long-term health problems. In a truly altruistic statement, the multi-millionaire described how he saw his role and why he was happy to share his collection with the world. According to Hull, he has only ever been “a passionate custodian of this hugely significant part of British history.” Thanks to his life-long dedication to his historical collection, these pieces of our lost history have been preserved If Mr Hull has his way, that history will soon be available for us all to enjoy.   


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