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Alfa Romeo Giulia Review - Ratings

Alfa Romeo Giulia Tested August 2017

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It’s a thing of angry beauty, especially in Quadrifoglio trim.


Excellent, in a word.


A well-trimmed saloon car at the end of the day, though not quite up with some rivals.

Quality + Reliability

Good throughout, but see above.


The very existence of the Quadrifoglio means it has to score full marks.


Decent room throughout the cabin and a big boot.

Running Costs

The diesels offer a frugal option for those that want it.

Value for money

With prices from just shy of £30,000 – and the potential to double that – it’s a considerable investment, but in line with similar cars.

Stereo / Sat nav

It works, but it’s a bit dated and clunky.

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